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Facts to Note About Architectural Specifications Writer

There is no way to avoid architectural specifications as they play and integral part and role in every construction project. There is need for a company to hire a permanent architectural specifications writer who will be availing the specifications from, the word go. However, there are multiple architects who believe that these specifications are only availed to satisfy the needs of the building owner or to help them in case there are legal complains or needs. This is a bed belief or fallacy and it can make things worse for an architect and their entire firm through tarnishing and ruining their reputation. Transparency is fundamental and there is need to have the specification architect writing and detailing specifications that are genuine and not some doctored and deceptive specifications.

First and foremost, architects need to understand that the specification writer should be part and parcel of the panning team from the foundational level. Their presence and services are necessitated from the design planning phase all through its implementation. They are great asserts in the overall preparation of preliminary project descriptions and the outline descriptions of the entire project.

It is essential to hire thoroughly trained and extensively experienced writer who knows how to translate and communicate all the project documentation into written form and have it communicated to contractors alluringly and effectively. IT deems fit to stay objective more so where you need to hire these writers in order to focus on hiring one that is overly qualified. As part of their qualification, these professionals should be able to understand and keenly interpret graphic representations of all kinds whether schedules, drawn or tabled. They must be good communicators with tremendous communication skills and language command. Thus, there is need to examine all their qualifications and determine whether they suit your firm. There is also need to understand their summative years of operation nor experience, their reputation and their level of proficiency.

All architectural firms have their different needs as far as an architectural specifications writer is concerned. there is no need for a small sized or a newly established architectural company to hire a permanent or a fulltime specification writer. Alternatively, they should always embrace the services of an independent professional. However, where you have a big firm, you should consider hiring a full-time professional who will be handling all your specifications. This fact doesn’t eliminate the consideration of hiring an independent firm or specifier to handle your specification tasks. There are architectural specifications writers who are competent and would serve even the needs of your big firm.

An architect should always avail the specification writer with all the project manual. The project manual consists of all procurement documentation and papers, all insurance coverage and policy necessities and contracting papers amongst others. Therefore, it deems fit for an architect to be thorough and upfront with information when it comes to the specifier they hire.

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