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Reclaim a Life With Drug Rehab Centers In Prescott Arizona

A life is too precious to surrender to drug addiction. It is not too late to overcome drug addiction and get back one’s life. When a person gets the right kind of help to overcome drug addiction, they can succeed. The key to success is to treat the whole person body and spirit. It is important to discover why the person started using drugs and to deal with those issues as well as getting a person to detox. Giving a person support in the difficult process of getting off drugs and staying off them is very important.

Start With Medical Detox

In any successful treatment program, the person goes through a medical detox process first. it is very important to get all the drugs out of the patient’s system and get them through the withdrawal period. This is a painful, difficult process that can take from three to ten days. The patient needs monitoring and medical personnel close by during this time. The drugs involved can include heroin, alcohol, suboxone, cocaine, oxycodone, or meth. Many drug addicted patients have been using more than one of these drugs.

Going On with Phase One

When the patient has gotten through the initial detox, they will need to focus on healing their bodies. This is accomplished with daily counseling, a personal trainer, and medical care. Many people become addicted to drugs because of physical pain or emotional pain. These conditions must be addressed if the person is to stay away from the drugs. Drug addiction can adversely affect a person’s physical health. Treating the physical problems to bring a person back to health is important.

Phase Two

The second phase of treatment is really educating a person on how to stay drug-free and get back to living a useful life. To accomplish this, a drug rehabilitation program such as drug rehab centers in Prescott Arizona will provide group counseling and activities, family counseling, part-time work or schooling, and more support.

Phase Three

In the Third phase of rehab, patients are working toward independence, financial responsibility and management, and personal responsibility. This phase is getting the patient ready to leave treatment and rejoin society as a sober, drug-free individual. When they graduate from the program, they are offered aftercare which includes outpatient counseling, group activities, and other services. Please visit the website for further information.