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What Points of View Work for Fiction Writing

The point of view applied in a story flow determines who interesting readers shall find the story to be. This is important especially if you wish for them to keep reading your works of fiction. The tone of the book rests with the point of view. It is the perch from which the reader shall sit as they consume the story. You therefore need to know about what points of view you are at liberty to use in your story. You need to also understand more about shifts in these point of view.

There is the first person point of view, in which the story is told through a character’s emotions, senses and internal thoughts. There shall be the use of specific pronouns and verbs. There is the extensive use of the pronoun I. All verbs shall also be in present tense.

In the second person point of view, only the pronoun You comes into play. This usually gives the readers a hard time imagining themselves on the setting, because of the distance that exists between them and the story.

There is the third person point of view, in which there is the use of the pronouns He and She. Only the past tense is applicable here. When it is used alone it shall be easy for the readers to feel detached. This can be seen where you get all our information through the author’s eyes, with little coming from the character.

In the third person limited point of view, there is a bit of the third person, and a bit of the first person. The author will therefore make use of the first person character’s five senses, emotions and internal thoughts to tell the story with their third persons vantage point. In this style, the author’s narration gets its meat and juice through the main characters; view of the world.

There is also the idea of shifting points of view, which acts as a magical perspective. It will tell you of all the emotions five senses and thoughts of those who happen to be weeing through it. You can see it in the example of the description of what is happening at a party. There shall be the description of the different ways in which people are enjoying themselves. Then there is some noise from a corner where a person has collapsed. We then see the main character, a police officer near the party, rush to the scene. We now take their point of view in the following moments. We get to feel what they feel about the tragedy. We hear their thoughts as they vow to find out what happened here. You need to see such shifts in works of fiction. They lead to better unsdd6aisng if the story.

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