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Explore The Long Rich Culture Of Iranian Descent

Culture, ethnicity, and language are a great starting point for exploring Iranian descent. Take a moment to discover more about the amazing origins and culture of Iranians. Questions about the creation of Iranian culture will be answered in this article. Could you confidently say you understand where Iranians descend from? Who makes up the people that created the Iranian culture? Do you know the languages spoken in Iran?
Learn more about the intriguing rich history of Iranian descent.

First we can explore the cultural aspects of Iran. A lot of Persian empires make up the descendants of Iran. The Persian new year is widely celebrated across the land and goes is often referred to as Yalda night. Many people mistakenly believe that Iran is an Arab country. There is no connection between the origin of Iran an Arab country. Arabs and Iranians are absolutely not from the same origins. The word Iran can be translated to mean the land of Aryans. You can cause a great insult by referring to an Iranian as an Arab. Heritage and nationalism are both very important to Iranians.

Now we can start taking an in-depth look at the different ethnicities present in Iran. There are a lot of different ethnicities in Iran. Most of Iran’s population consists of Persians. The second most prevalent ethnic group is called the Azerbaijanis. Similar to Persians they are also caucasian. Languistic roots are the most obvious difference between the two groups. The language of the Azerbaijanis comes from Turkic origin. Indo-European origins are closely linked to the language spoken by Persians. Iran also is home to Kurds, Georgians, Armenians, and Lurs.

This article will end with an appreciation for the different languages in Iran. Even with the many ethnicities Iran still has one main and official language, Farsi. Farsi is a Persian language with Indo-European roots. Indo-European languages are related to European languages like English,Greek and Latin. Certain words spoken in Farsi easily expose these Indo-European origins. The Persian words for mother and brother sound almost identical to their English counterparts.

The total amount of languages in Iran ranges between 40-50. These languages are spoken by over two hundred million people. Over two hundred million people speak these 40-50 languages. There are over 2 million people fluent in Iranian languages. Another fun fact is that Iranian languages can be loosely tied to the Indian Language. Both Indian and Iranian languages belong to the Indo-European language category. Indo-European languages include almost every language heard in Europe and America. Iranian languages have a history that dates back thousands upon thousands of years.

The culture, ethnic make-up and linguistic history make Iran a complex and fascinating place. Iranian descent is an enlightening topic with much to explore. Always continue to learn about the different people, places and things that make up our great, big world.

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