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Guidelines for Self-Publishing a Book

The current progress in technology, is now making self-publishing of books by novelists and other writers easy. Most authors prefer self-publishing because they will gain more due to the elimination of the profits that will be shared by the publishers. Also, more books can be produced in self-publishing because the money that would have been used in paying the publisher can be invested in publishing more books. Therefore, self-publishing can be said to be worthwhile and it has many benefits associated with it. For the authors who want to self-publish their books, the tips below will guide you through the process of self-publishing.

To start with, you need to find a copyreader that is going to edit your book. Due to the fact that you may have written your book in a hurry and thus you may have some errors that you may have not seen hence the requirement of a skilled editor. Spelling mistakes and irregularities in the movement of grammar are some of the errors that will be corrected by an editor. There are different kinds of editors in the editorial world. You should get an editor that will fit with the type of story you have written. You can get recommendations about editors from other authors. This is because these authors through their experience will be able to guide you to the best editors.

In addition, you should consider scheming a book cover. The book cover puts the thoughts of an author in a photographic illustration. So a good book cover can make the promotion of your book very easy. One other important advantage of a good book cover is that people will not be able to differentiate if you self-published the book or it was published by an old-style publisher. You should also buy your own International Standard Book Number. By having an ISBN the bookseller will be able to identify you as a publisher and the number will give them more information about your book.

In conclusion, after you have followed the steps and published your book, it will be time to start selling your book. You should now make everyone know about the book you have just published. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise your book. You can also tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends and thus it will spread in a slow but steady way. It will be also nice to make ways by which your book can be easily purchased. You will need to make formats of your book that can be assessed by people who want to buy the book via online. Also, your book should be found in major bookshop outlets.

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